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Pruning Wisteria

Caring for wisteria can be divided into two main categories, pruning and mechanical support. Wisteria is normally grown as a wall climber, and under these conditions, if given suitable support will reach heights in excess of 15 mtrs and spread up to 40 mtrs. At Inarcadia our gardeners can provide expert knowledge and care for these beautiful and delicate plants.

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The Wisteria can get extremely heavy and a large part of the care of this plant is dedicated to the infrastructure holding the plant up. On brick walls, the favorite fixing method is heavy gauge steel wire threaded through vine eyes, and tensioned with strainer bolts. The vine when in full flower is likely to be heavy and if necessary we can run a second line. This task is best done during the winter months when visibility is not impaired by the foliage.

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Pruning Wisteria
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